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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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ALMA Agency's credo


Our founder Alex always reminds us of three core principles:

Therefore, we firmly follow the rule: no matter what you do, strive for high quality performance. Even when the client does not have a clear idea of the final result, we always provide several solutions so that the client can choose the option that best suits there vision.

Design has to be comprehensible

Meaning is the first thing that is put in front when creating a design, it goes hand to hand with perfect execution

If you can get in over your head, just do it!

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I'm convinced that a client should spend as little time on design as possible. Detailed survey conducted by me at the first stages of any project helps to eliminate involvement of a client as much as possible so the only thing that he or she would have to do is choose a version from those that we offer.
12+ years experience in custom development, 8+ Managing startups and development teams
Consulting: Custom Development, Machine learning, IT Strategy, Platform &Tools Consulting
8+ years experience in project management (digital projects), 6+ years experience in customer satisfaction department
Customer Care & Project Management
10+ years experience in UX/UI design, 5+ years in 2D/3D animations
UX/UI Design, 2D/3D Animations
10+ years experience in print design, 8+ years in promo design
Print Design/Promo Design
15+ years experience in design, 10+ years experience in startups, 9+ years experience in management, 8+ years experience in entrepreneurship
Alex Shoub
Creative Director, Design Consulting, Customer Care
7+ years experience in CMS development and front-end development
Consulting CMS Developement
graphic Motion Virtual Reality design agency